Secrets of the Seasons

Orbiting the Sun in Our Backyard (2014)
Secrets of the Seasons

Have you noticed it?  Alice’s friend Zack has.  The summer sun is setting earlier and earlier every day.  Together, the friends notice other changes in light, temperature, weather, animals and other things in the world around them as one season turns into another.  Alice narrates her and Zack’s many observations, conversations, and wonderment.  In between, Alice’s comical chickens, Maisy and Daisy, are on hand with more explanations for the reader of the science behind the seasons: the movement of the earth on its axis, and its orbit around the sun, as well as facts about the seasons' effects on animal and plant life.  Kids can relate to the friends’ sensory experiences as summer falls into winter, which springs into summer; author Zoehfeld describes well the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings of each season.  The information is broken up into bite-sized charts, diagrams and talk bubbles, making it easier for young readers to take in. This companion book to her Secrets of the Garden also features Patricia Lamont’s light-hearted, intricate pen and watercolor illustrations, which capture nicely Alice’s changing landscape.

Secret of the Seasons is recommended for ages 4-9.

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