Shoe Dog

Shoe Dog

Prolific author Megan McDonald and versatile illustrator Katherine Tillotson team up again with this slightly sad, sometimes silly and altogether sweet story.

A shelter dog longs for a real home, with kisses, pats, and tummy rubs, "as warm as soup and cozy as pie."  And when a lady (whom Dog dubs “She Herself”) adopts him, Dog feels he finally has that home. There's room to run, and soft, warm places to sleep--and things to chew!   But who needs a bone or a toy when there are SHOES around?  "Shoe Dog!” She Herself cries, and suddenly there are no kisses or tummy rubs or cozy places for Dog.  He wants to be good, and when he is, life is great!  But when She Herself brings home new shoes, he can't seem to resist temptation!  “Bad Dog!”  Can he change his ways and be welcomed back to "The Land of Upstairs" with its Big Bed and Comfy Chair, kisses and tummy rubs?   Or is it back to the shelter, "The Land of Sad Puppies" for him?  It’s She Herself to the rescue with a special surprise!   McDonald's lilting, read-out-loud-able prose and Tillotson's crayon and charcoal drawings combine well to portray the many moods of Dog and his lady.  Especially nice are the illustrations of Dog himself, with tornadic, squiggly lines that match his eager, lively personality, and the unique choice of words reflecting Dog’s point of view.

This picture book is recommended for 4-8.

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