A Simple Thing

A Simple Thing

Susannah Delaney‘s life is unraveling. Her son Quinn, a quiet, cerebral child is being severely bullied at school and her high-spirited, 14 year-old daughter Katie is spiraling out of control. Susannah makes the drastic decision to move her family thousands of miles away from home to an isolated island off the coast of Washington, where there is no electricity, only a one-room school and any resemblance of a store is an hour boat ride to the mainland. Life on the island is anything but easy and Susannah must also deal with Katie’s hostile attitude towards her. The island and it’s quirky inhabitants will lend a hand in healing this family’s wounds, even the deep psychological wounds Susannah herself has tried to keep hidden for 30 yrs. Susannah’s story and those of the islanders will keep you turning the pages and wanting to hear more.

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