Some Babies Are Wild

Some Babies Are Wild

April is National Poetry Month!  Celebrate it, the Fox Cities Book Festival, nature, too, with a sweet and simple poem by versatile author Marion Dane Bauer.  Its lines provide the text for this beautiful picture book, with intimate portraits of various wild baby animals and animal families by renowned nature photographer Stan Tekiela (one of the featured authors at this year’s Fox Cities Book Festival).  Tekiela captures on camera many young critters, from slow turtle hatchlings to a frisky cougar kitten; from a soft rabbit kit to prickly porcupettes; from little possums hitching a ride on mother's back, to a black bear cuddling with a cub.  His adorable photos, matched with Bauer’s verse, showcase not only basic differences among animals, but also the common bond of mother and young.  For this reason, I am issuing a CUTE OVERLOAD ALERT for this book.  Curious readers and nature lovers will enjoy the back-of-the-book facts about the animals featured in the photos, including the names for the young, as well as the track shape and pattern of each species.  The book received the Mom’s Choice Award.

Recommended for ages 3-6.

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