Spellbound book cover

Volume 2 of The Books of Elsewhere

This second Book of Elsewhere is a good follow up to “The Shadows.” It has a mixture of humor, suspense, mystery, and magic. The story takes off right where the first story ended. Olive, the heroine, is right in the thick of things when she tries to solve the mysteries of her creepy Victorian mansion. Her neighbor, Rutherford Dewey, joins her and the cats in the search for the McMartin Book of Spells. She is determined to use the spells of the witches who built the house to uncover the house’s magic. But the spell book is more evil than Olive realizes. She becomes obsessed with the book and won’t let it out of her sight. It has a sinister spell on her. Olive still has not found a way to rescue her friend Morton from being a painting. With the help of the three cats, Harvey, Horatio and Leopold, she unravels the mystery around Morton’s captivity.

The story’s ending reveals the solution to Morton’s existence and leads into a third book with more mysterious events to follow. Readers will watch Olive mature and accept new friendships and learns to trust others around her.

The reading level is for ages 10 and up.

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