Spirits of the Season

bookcover for Spirits of the Season

The fourth book of the Saranormal Series

In this continuation of the saga of Sara and her ability to see and talk to ghosts, finds her at Christmas time in Stellamar.  During this busy time of holiday shoppers there is far more ghostly activity than ever before.  Sara has been seeing ghosts for as long as she can remember, but now that she and her father have moved to this small tourist seashore city she has been in contact with many spirits.  Lady Azura, the owner of the house they are renting, has similar abilities as Sara and has been teaching Sara how to use and control her new powers.  Lady Azura explains to Sara that the twelve days before Christmas is a special time where the ghosts of the departed can come back to Stellamar to visit their friends and family.

When a spirit of a dead soldier, named Franklin, seeks out Sara begging her for help, she is faced with a dilemma.  Franklin wants Sara to help him find his lost love.  He had been visiting her every year on December 22nd  for the past years.  But when the area was modernized he couldn’t find his way to her home.

Other plot developments include Sara’s relationship with Lady Azura, the importance of December 22nd, and the connection Sara has with the opal stone that helps make wishes come true.  What is the connection between Lady Azura and the dead soldier?  Will Sara learn more about her mother and her family’s background?  These are just a few of the conflicts that will be solved at the end of the story. Sara may see her mother!?

Here is a story for readers who enjoy a good book about humor, friendship, and a little mystery and paranormal activity.   All the main characters from the previous books are portrayed plus some new characters, including Lily, Jayden, Janelle, her father’s girlfriend and her two daughters, Dina, and Chloe, and of course, there is Franklin.

This book is recommended for grades 4th through 6th; ages 9-12.

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