The Strangers

The Books of Elsewhere
The cover for The Strangers

Book 4 in the Book of Elsewhere series

In this 4th installment, we find our heroine, Olive, and her friends on Halloween night.  She thought she had discovered everything she needed to know about her house and the secrets of Elsewhere.  But on Halloween night she discovers that strangers have come to Linden Street and some unusual and magical things begin to happen.  First her parents are found missing and Olive needs to cope with this new development.  Will she be able to trust the strangers?  Will she turn to a new and dangerous magic within the paintings of Elsewhere? 

Olive with the help of Rutherford, Morton, and the three talking cats, must solve the mystery and find her parents.  The strangers have come to Linden Street and are living in the abandoned Nivens house. They told Olive that they were her allies, but she doesn’t trust them.  They tell Olive that they have come to help her protect her home from the McMartins. But even with their help, Olive and the cats are in constant peril as they search for Olive's missing parents. Desperate to get them back, Olive strikes an unbalanced bargain with Annabelle McMartin and loses something incredibly valuable in the process—something that could mean doom for the house, and for Elsewhere itself.

Once the plot gets going, readers will enjoy putting the pieces together with the heroine. The stakes grow higher, the secrets more dangerous, and mystery and magic abound as Olive, the boys, and the cats uncover the true nature of the house on Linden Street.

I would recommend this book for boys and girls ages 9 – 12, or grades 4 through 6.

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