A Spool of Blue Thread

"A Spool of Blue Thread" is the 20th novel written by the prolific Anne Tyler.  The Pulitzer Prize-winning author casts her words in the direction of family dynamics surrounding three generations of Whitshanks who take turns living in patriarch Junior's home: handcrafted by his own construction company in the 1930's.  Upon Junior and Linnie Mae's passing, Red and Abby Whitshank take residence in the same space on Bouton Road in Baltimore, Maryland.  Here, they raised four children atop the same floorboards where the grandchildren now run.

The Nightingale

Redemptive love and courage under extraordinary circumstances are primary story themes in "The Nightingale" by Kristin Hannah.  Two sisters, Vianne Mauriac and Isabelle Rossignol, learn that life is not always what one may wish it to be when World War II invades hearts and souls during the German Occupation of France.  The older sister is a cautious, responsible wife and mother, who makes choices based on what feels safe and less consequential.  The younger sister is an impulsive, idealistic free spirit who believes she can save a broken world fr

The Martian

For what seems to be forever, earthlings have looked up towards the stars and only imagined what travel to another planet might be like.  Such a possibility comes to life in author Andy Weir's debut novel, "The Martian".  NASA has successfully sent two crews to Mars, and America's space program has the world's attention.  However, during the subsequent mission of Ares 3, a series of unfortunate events results in a lone astronaut being left behind.  Though presumed dead, it is soon discovered that a very alive Mark Watley is stranded on the u


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