Tha Abandoned

The Abandoned

I was thrilled to see this has been reissued!  This is the first book I remember needing to own.  I was so worried someday I would not be able to find it at my library!  Peter Brown is a young boy who desperately wants to have a cat.  See why I was hooked right from the start? Nanny says absolutely not.  What a mean nanny!  Peter sees a chance to save a stray from a terrible fate, but ends up having a serious accident of his own.  All is not lost.  When Peter wakes up, he finds he has turned into a cat himself!  Luckily he meets Jennie, a streetwise survivor.  She and Peter have many adventures, some of which are not very nice.  Think Wizard of OZ for a cat instead of Dorothy.  I loved it forty years ago, and still have fun reading it now. 

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