Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why

You can’t stop the future,

you can’t rewind the past

the only way to learn the secret

…is to press play.


          Clay Jensen returns home from high school and finds a mysterious package waiting for him.  Inside there are thirteen cassette tapes made by Hannah Baker, his high school crush who committed suicide two weeks earlier.  The package was sent with the tapes and a highlighted map of the town so the people on the tapes can relive her last days.  Those that have been chosen to receive a copy of the tapes are warned that they must pass it on to the next otherwise a second copy of the tapes would be leaked to the entire school.  If that happens some of the students could face ridicule or even jail time.  Clay’s journey to understand the whole story of Hannah’s death is a psychological ride that leaves you thinking about all the “what ifs” that happen in life. 

          This story has an interesting dual narrative that moves back and forth between what Hannah and Clay are doing and thinking at the same time.  It can be a bit confusing but that is what makes this book so interesting.  The story is a little dark but it is a fascinating journey that proves how everything that you do or don't do has a consequence.  

          Universal Films has bought the rights to the movie and is currently in the planning stages.  Selena Gomez has been cast to play the lead role of Hannah Baker. 

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