Three Sisters


After pediatrician Andi Gordon was left stranded at the altar, she knew she needed to make a fresh start for herself. She is now the owner of one of the famed Three Sisters historic houses on Blackberry Island. Here she plans on opening her own practice and start her new life. Her house is the only one of the three houses that has been neglected, the other two have been fully restored by their devoted owners. One neighbor is Boston King, an artist who shares her house with her husband Zeke. Free-spirited Boston seems to lead a very charmed life but in reality, she has suffered a devastating tragedy and struggles daily to keep her marriage together and her career afloat. The third house is owned by Deeana Phillips, the ice queen, who rules her house and her family with an iron fist. When Deeana’s perfect world starts to crumble, long buried scars resurface and she is left to face some harsh realities. This is a story of three women, all very different, all facing difficult situations, and all of them needing each other’s help to heal.

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