Tiddalick the Greedy Frog

An Aboriginal Dreamtime Story (2014)
Tiddalick the Greedy Frog


In this tale told by the Aboriginal people of Australia, Tiddalick was a greedy, grumpy frog.  He drank all the water in the lake, then the river, then all the lakes and streams, until there was no water left in the world.  All of the other animals in the land were weak and dying of thirst.  They hatch a plan:  if they can get Tiddalick to laugh, he will have to spill out all of the water he has drunk.  Animal after animal tries, but who will succeed?  This short chapter book is perfect for those who are just transitioning from early readers to early chapter books. 

                                                                                                                                                                                       To learn more about Australia where this book is set, read Australia from the Enchantment of the World Series.

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