True (...sort of)

Eleven year old Delly has an impulsive nature that constantly gets her in trouble for fighting, skipping class, hacking spitballs, and more.   The fact that she creates her own words like, “mysturiosity” and “bawlgrammit” is entertaining for the reader, but it also reflects a certain independent quality in Delly’s character.  Unfortunately for Delly, if she does one more thing wrong, she’s going to get sent off to a school for troubled kids.   To avoid more outbursts, Delly first tries counting in her head when she’s upset.  Then, her attention turns to a new girl in school, Ferris.   Ferris is a selective mute with very specific personal boundaries that include her not wanting anyone to touch her and “no cuss”.  Delly is fascinated with the quiet solitude of Ferris and her quiet connection with animals and nature.   Their strange friendship becomes one of mutual rehabilitation as Delly learns to quiet her spirit and Ferris learns to fight for herself. Recommended for age 10-12
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