"Unbroken" is the story of an undaunted human spirit presented by author Laura Hillenbrand; who chronicles the extraordinary life of Olympic runner, Louis Zamperini.  When faced with supposed insurmountable obstacles, Louie proves to be a survivor and an example of the power one person can have over his own destiny.  

The young Italian boy, growing up in Torrance, California, is rebellious, fiesty, and obstinate.  Louie is saved from himself by his older brother Pete who sees talent and promise within his tenacious sibling and directs Louie's boundless energy towards competitive running.  After breaking school, state and national records, Louie competes in the 1936 Berlin Olympics and is poised to return in 1940 when World War II cancels those plans.  The Olympics known to unite nations was in sharp contrast to the spiraling events that would place those same nations against each other in war.     

Louie is drafted into the War after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  His unlikely odyssey continues as a member of the Army Air Corps when he climbs into a B-24 and assumes the role of bombardier.  His resilience will be tested many times over whether he is inside a military airplane, drifting on a life raft in the shark infested Pacific, or subjected to relentless cruelty as a Prisoner of War captured by Japanese soldiers.  Louie's frail body and nimble mind fight off starvation, disease, physical abuse and psychological torture to return home in a time of peace more than two years later.     

In addition to being a story of survival under the worst of circumstances, "Unbroken" is also a story of forgiveness.  Upon his return to Torrance, Louie finds himself battling demons still haunting him from the War, and he struggles to transition into a life beyond hatred and recurring nightmares.  During his journey to reconcile the past, he seizes opportunities to reunite with fellow POWs, speaks to captive audiences about his experiences, and visits the scene of war crimes committed so many decades before.  After imparting his lessons, Lieutenant Louis Zamperini passed away on July 2, 2014 at the age of 97.       

The author paints a vivid picture of the recklessness of war and what it steals from the hearts and souls of its survivors.  The book is a stunning tribute to not only the unbroken spirit of Louis Zamperini, but to all of those brave soldiers who came home and to the many who died trying. 

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