The Watch That Ends the Night

Voices From the Titanic (2011)
The Watch That Ends the Night: Voices From the Titanic

Wow! This book (and audio book) are absolutely phenomenal. I will start by saying, as a rule, I never enjoy books written in verse. However, I thoroughly enjoyed this one - especially listening to the audio. Five different voice actors perform the role of two dozen passengers and crew, and even the Iceberg.

Everyone knows Titanic. We've heard the story, seen the movie, and romanticized the horrific disaster a dozen different ways. What we haven't really experienced is the raw emotion that Wolf brings us with this extraordinary book. The characters he depicts are so convincing, I had to remind myself that this is a work of fiction. Many times I found myself entangled in the lives of the passengers; so much so that my heart ached knowing many of them would not be arriving in New York, to return home or start anew.

We get to know the Captain & crew, socialites, immigrants, children & con artists. Allan Wolf has done meticulous research and given us fascinating background & notes at the end of his work. Quoting Wolf on page 435,"But my aim in writing The Watch That Ends the Night was not to present history. My aim was to present humanity. The people represented in this book lived and breathed and loved. They were as real as you or me. They could have been any one of us." I think that Mr.Wolf did a wonderful job presenting both.

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