Wicked business

Wicked business

Another just plain fun read! If you like the Stephanie Plumb books, you'll like this series too. Diesel, one of Ranger's employees, breaks out on his own set of adventures. They are full of the same madcap mayhem we see with Stephanie, Morelli and Ranger, but these add a layer of magic and mystical powers. Lizzy is a pastry chef in Salem Massachusetts who also happens to be a "finder". Her talent is sensing special properties of inanimate objects. Lizzy and Diesel are off on a mission to find another one of a set of magical stones before Wulf or any other bad guys can get it. (His full name is Gerwulf Grimoire, and he's Diesel's evil cousin.) The cast of characters continues on and on. There's Glo, who works at the bakery, has a magic broom, and is trying very hard to learn magic spells. There's Ms. Wortley, who owns Ye Olde Exotica Shoppe for all your wizarding and spellcasting needs. There's Carl, Diesel's pet monkey who has an amazing vocabulary for a monkey. And yes, there's a cat! This is the second in the series, be sure to start with Wicked appetite so you don't miss a thing!

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