You’ll Like It Here

(Everybody Does) (2011)
You’ll Like It Here (Everybody Does) book cover

This book is a typical science fiction story about aliens living on earth for a number of years and the co-existence of an alternate world.

The Blue Family is no ordinary family and they learn that Fashion City is no ordinary city. The Blues can't find much at all to like about living in Fashion City.  Everyone conforms, colors are drab, and the television is controlled by the Fathers.  As Meggie and David learn more about Fashion City and the mysterious Fathers, they begin to wonder if the place is truly as harmonious as it seems.  They learn that many things are different, like Elvis is still alive, and Frank L. Baum is a math tutor.  Their only moments of enjoyment come in the evenings when they spend time with the Gilmores, a family from their apartment building. When the authorities discover that Gramps is 65, they take him away for a 'vacation.'  The Blues decide it is time to save Gramps and other children sent away for not conforming.  They need to escape the Land of the Fathers for good.
Readers will enjoy the story at face value and at the same time will find some deeper themes portrayed throughout the book.  A number of themes are covered including what happens when individual freedoms are given up to a government bent on controlling everything to the point of drugging its own citizens into submission.

The book is recommended for ages 9 – 12; or Grades 3 – 8

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