Young Fredle

Young Fredle

Fredle, a small house mouse, indulges in a delicious peppermint pattie, becomes ill, and is pushed out of the family nest. Tossed outside from the farmer’s wife’s dust pan, he is left to die or survive on his own. He befriends Sadie the dog (Sadie, a simple-minded border collie from Voigt’s earlier book, Angus and Sadie in the Davis Farm series) and a few field mice, who become valuable allies. New dangers await—owls, the barnyard snake, and an outlaw gang of raccoons planning to fatten him for their feast. Scared and lonely, Fredle scrambles to overcome challenges and succeed through his wits and resourcefulness. He figures out that the delicacies in the compost heap can only be eaten in moderation or he will be unable to flee. Who can he trust? Which way is home? The outside world is full of wonders like the rain, the moon, the stars, the grass and much more, but he yearns for his home and family. Voigt takes readers on a fascinating, nonstop adventure from a mouse’s view of the world. Fredle matures, while developing an awareness and appreciation for newfound independence. He adapts to life’s challenges and returns a hero. Readers will relate to his youthful spirit and fall in love with Fredle. This is a quality novel by award-winning author Cynthia Voigt (Newbery Medal for Dicey’s Song) that is comparable to Charlotte’s Web, The Tale of Despereaux and Stuart Little.  Visit the  website to learn more about the author and her books.

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