Zach Apologizes

Zach Apologizes


This book published by Free Spirit in 2012, but new to the Appleton Public Library, introduces Zach, a young boy who finds himself angry with his younger brother, and pushing him down.  His mother gently encourages Zach to apologize, and teaches him a four-square tool to help him figure out what to say.  In the first square, Zach thinks about what he did that hurt his brother.  Second, he thinks about how his brother thought.   Third, he thought about what he could do in the future, and fourth, he decided how he could make it up to his brother.  A note to parents at the end gives tips on how to model apologies, and guide children through their own apologies.

A second book, Zach Gets Frustrated, was published simultaneously, and teaches the frustration triangle method for helping children cope. 

These books are for parents and caregivers to share with children who are struggling with their emotions, and are recommended for Kindergarten and older.


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