Online and/or Paper

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You can choose to do BOTH the online and paper programs, or just select one.

So, what's the difference?


READsquared Online Program

Paper Program


1. Earn digital badges. Weekly prize drawing on the following Monday.

1. Earn a stamp in your paper log. Weekly particpation prizes.

2. Complete Missions and Reading Lists, unlock Games, and enter Secret Codes from Events.

2. Track your Creating and Exploring.

3. Qualify for Grand Prizes by completing Missions.

3. Collect 7 or more Read stamps in 9 weeks and earn a free book and Builder stamp.


1. Earn digital Badges.

1. Get a stamp on your paper reading log.

2. Pick up weekly participation prize only AFTER the prize drawing on the following Monday.

2. Pick up weekly participation prize as soon as you enter your reading on your paper log.

3. No opportunities for extra Grand Prize drawing slips.

3. Earn one extra Grand Prize drawing slip per week by submitting a Create project.


1. Log reading minutes online. Logging at least 120 minutes of reading enters you in that week's prize drawing on the following Monday. (Reading with your kids counts towards your own reading minutes.)

1. Once the program begins, start and finish a book appropriate to your reading level. Come to the Library's Information Desk to submit your drawing slip with the title that you started and finished during the program.

2. Earn digital Badges, complete a Mission, or enter Secret Codes from events.

2. Submit a drawing slip to log a community event you participated in that week.

3. At least 120 minutes total enters you in the Grand Prize drawing.

3. Submitting at least one slip for starting and finishing a book during the program automatically enters you in the Grand Prize drawings.

The big difference between the program last year and the 2017 Online SLP:
• 2017 -- works like a fitness tracker: the more you log, the more badges you win and points/miles you stack up
• 2016 -- more like a race with a finish line


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