Is 3-D Printing The Next Go Local Movement Super Weapon?

Prior to the industrial revolution most industry was cottage industry, literally. People worked from their homes or small shops. Many times these were one and the same. The artisans often worked by hand to create unique products or to create their copied products one at a time.

Dads, Get Your Geek On!

So anyone who knows me knows I like technology. It doesn’t take much to impress me either; I grew up in the days of Atari 400s and Commodore 64s in my grade school. The fact that my iPad has the processing power of the room sized computers used to make the Apollo missions happen makes my brain hurt, but in a good way.

Welcome to Brians' Take on Tech

Nope, the title of this blog doesn’t illustrate my inability to grasp the English language. There are indeed two of us and each week our goal is to bring you not one, but two, count  ‘em two blog posts about technology and how it impacts your life for both better and worse.


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